Old Testament Characters


Have you ever wondered what Eve’s side of the story might be? Well this southern Belle (Eve was created in south Eden!) will tell the story from her perspective. You will laugh at her description of all those events of so long ago but you will also gain some new insights into the heart of Father God as He dealt with His disobedient children.

Length: 20-25 minutes


As you listen to Sarah, you will travel back through the years to hear of her happy and comfortable life in the City of Ur in the land of the Chaldeans. Then you will hear of how her world changed drastically when her father decided the family would leave this city and travel to the land of Canaan. Sarah will tell of following her husband, Abram, in faith as he leads them where his God, Eyloim, tells him to go. She will tell of the promise of a child, the one dream of her life and the years of disappointment as she awaits this promise. Finally, Sarah makes a decision that has affected all history since then. Listen as she tells you of the final fulfillment of the long awaited promised son and think about the promise of another Son who was to be born many years later to save all people.

Length: 35-40 minutes


Meet Ruth, the simple Moabite girl, who longs for some excitement in her small town life. Listen as she wonders about the strangers who settle in town….the HEBREWS. You will see her life turned upside down when it is decided that she will learn more about these Hebrews by becoming part of their family!!! You will experience how her love for her gentle mother-in-law grew through the years until at last she was willing to give up everything that she knew and loved to go with Naomi to Israel. The love story between Ruth and Boaz is one of the most beautiful stories in all history and you will hear about it first hand.

Length: 30-35 minutes


Esther was a simple Hebrew girl named Hadeseh, when her adopted father, Mordecai, asks her to become part of a crazy contest to find a new Queen of Persia. You will see how God’s hand shaped the events of Esther’s life long before she realized it so that she would be in the right place at the right time for “such a time as this”.

Length: 30-35 minutes

Mrs. Noah

Have a lighthearted look at the story of Noah through the eyes of the one who had to clean up after all those animals!! You will laugh at her life as she tells you that the first several hundred years were pretty uneventful. But then Noah began to act a bit strange and they embarked on the adventure of their lives! Mixed in with the fun and laughter is an important (yet painless) history lesson. You will be challenged to learn to listen to the voice of God for yourself.

Length: 20-25 minutes

New Testament Characters


When you meet Priscilla you will meet the wife and helpmate of Aquilla. It is important to note that she is never mentioned in scripture without the name of Aquilla and vice versa. They were a picture of the “two become one” that is God’s perfect plan for marriage. You will also meet two of Paul’s closest friends. They not only share his passion for following and drawing others to Jesus but also they share his trade that of tentmaking. So they speak the same language. These two not only sat under his teaching but worked by his side and knew Paul the man as well as Paul the apostle.

Length: 25-25 minutes

Mary, Mother of Jesus

You will meet Mary, the little peasant girl from Nazareth, whose life seemed to be complete as she planned life with her groom, Joseph the Carpenter. You will then see how her plans are changed in the twinkling of an eye as God calls upon her to bear the Christ child in her womb. Her story will take you through the years to see him as a playful child, an eager student of Scripture, a caring son, and the Savior of the world. However, you will see Him in a new way as you look at Him through the eyes of His Mama who thinks of Him so often as her little Yessi rather than The Messiah. Experience the agony of watching Him die and feel the excitement of His resurrection again through the eyes and heart of His mother.

Length: 60 minutes

Mary of Magdala

She was also a faithful disciple to the Rabbi from Nazareth. Her life was given to her by the man who commanded the seven demons that tormented her to “be gone” so what could she do but dedicate herself to serving Him? You will walk the dusty road of Israel with them and hear her remembering some of the wondrous things she saw. You will hear of the love that she saw in His eyes no matter who He looked at. Finally you will walk with her through His last week on earth and experience the agony of His death through her vivid description of the torture and crucifixion of her beloved Teacher, the one she knew was Messiah! You will also be with her at the garden tomb when she became the first one to see Him ALIVE!! Hear the teaching He left them with and the challenge to you to receive the gift of eternal life through His death and resurrection.

Length: 60 minutes

The Woman at the Well

Hers was one of those lives in which there were no happy memories. She was surrounded by rejection, judgment and hatred everywhere she turned. Five marriages came and went and she finally accepted the truth that people had been hurling at her for years. There was something wrong with her that she could not keep a husband and yes, she might just as well live the life of a harlot. So she went into that lifestyle with a wall around her heart. She would not feel anything. That way she could not be hurt anymore. Of course, that sort of defense is not completely effective and there were still moments of great pain, but she never let anyone know that she hurt. Then one day as she came to the well at the hottest hour of the day (she went then so she wouldn’t meet anyone else) she encountered a man by the well who would change her life forever, but not just her life — the lives of everyone in her village. Listen to this story of the life-changing encounter with the Man named Jesus and come to the well with her so that you too may experience the life changing touch of His heart.

Length: 30-40 minutes

Martha of Bethany

Martha will tell you about her “children”, Mary and Lazarus. Oh no, she is not their mother. She is their sister, but she has been taking care of them so many years in many ways that she thinks of them as her children. She will help you to know the deep thinking of her sister, Mary, the one who can sit idle for hours just thinking!!! She will also tell you about her fun-loving lively brother, Lazarus, who is so full of life and so friendly that he greets everyone who passes through town and usually invites them home for dinner. She will tell you of their friend, the Rabbi from Nazareth, the one called Jesus. You will hear her talk of the grief of Lazarus’ death and the joy of his restoration to life by the One she has just suddenly realized is the Messiah. You will go with her to Jerusalem for Passover and experience the terrible death of their Friend at the hands of the jealous religious leaders. She will tell you of the overwhelming joy of His resurrection and she will share the teachings of His last days with you and invite you to choose the better part by sitting at His feet, looking into His eyes, and listening to His heart.

Length: 35 minutes


“The seller of purple”. She was not only the first convert in Philippi, it would appear she was a leader in the interesting church that grew up there. When you meet Lydia you will hear her impressions of that strange looking man named Paul who came to the riverside to join in their prayer meeting. You will hear of her life as a dealer in the business of dyeing and selling fabric but also of the vague longing she had in her heart for something that was missing. She will talk of how she came to know the God who could satisfy that longing and of how He brought her to Philippi to complete the work He had begun in her. You will also hear about the varying group of folks comprising the church of Philippi. You will hear how God took an odd group of people having nothing at all in common and created a part of the body of Christ!

Length: 25 minutes


Elizabeth was the aging wife of Zechariah. The couple’s only regret in an otherwise happy marriage was a lack of children. One day, that all changed as Zechariah served as priest before the lord in the Temple. The angel said they would have a son! You will hear the story of this amazing, devout women who was not weighed down by questions about motherhood, rather she stood ready to serve God and He brought her a son very late in life.

Length: 35 minutes

Millie the Innkeeper’s Wife

Have you ever wondered about the woman behind the man who opened his stable to Mary
and Joseph the night so long ago? Was she as pleased to show this little bit of hospitality as he or did she think maybe he was a little too soft? Who was she, what was her life like before that night and what happened to her life after she met this young couple and saw that baby sleeping in the manger?

We invite you to meet Millie and Harry the innkeepers in Bethlehem. Were they the only innkeepers in town, was theirs the high end establishment that a king would choose to stay in or was it maybe a little lower than Motel Fleabag? You are about to find out and I think that along the way you will laugh, shake your head, and maybe shed a tear or two as you see what happens to Millie as she gets to know this child named Jesus.

Historical Christian Women

Susanna Wesley — The mother of John and Charles Wesley as well as their 1 brother and 7 sisters. Susanna was the educational and spiritual teacher of all of her children. In this portrayal you will meet this strong and strong-willed woman who helped shape the future of the Methodist movement. (About 30-45 minutes)

Katie Luther — the runaway nun who became the wife of Martin Luther and cared for his needs as well as the many students who gathered around their table.

I have done a number of other historical Christian ladies and would be glad, with enough prior notice, to research and bring to visit women you would like to meet.

I also present Sarah Miller a fictional member of the “Underground Railroad” who will relate true stories of the work of the abolitionists.